My Mugler Angel Fragrance


My go to fragrance for an evening out has almost always been Mugler's iconic, Angel. So - imagine how I felt coming home to a large package that contained a full size Angel fragrance, a hair mist of the same scent, a beautiful snow globe and a hand written note from the Mugler team. I screamed! It wasn't just an incredible package for the products that came within it, the most amazing part of it all was the fact that the Angel fragrance had my name engraved in it. An iconic perfume with MY NAME on it! I couldn't believe they sent me something so special.

Mugler reached out to me about a sponsored post to share their holiday offerings, I couldn't believe it! So though I was paid for this post, I would've 100% shared this with you all without being paid because I truly believe this is a special gift. Mugler's Angel perfume is one of the most popular fragrances on the market for a reason. It's not a flowery or fruity scent, it's a deep alluring one. Top notes include Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose, Orchid and more. Heart notes however focus on food - chocolate, caramel and coumarin. Base notes include patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla and musk. The combination of these ingredients made this smell like nothing else on the market when it first launched. I almost always get asked what scent I'm wearing when I have it on, it's that alluring.

In addition to the Angel fragrance, which you can also get engraved. Mugler has also created an Angel fragrance hair mist. It's perfect for holiday events as it repels cigarette and food smells, it doesn't fade either. All you need to do is flip your hair and the fragrance comes back to life. I have big, curly hair, so this is my savior for nights out!

Lastly, what's a holiday gift without a fun snow globe and honestly, what's chicer than one from Mugler. I highly recommend this gift for a woman in your life that you find seductive, sexy, powerful and confident. This is the scent for her! Get it engraved to make it extra special. 

Shop Angel on Mugler's website.