Sonäge Skincare Essentials


Over the last few years my obsession with makeup has grown to ridiculous levels. Despite working for the biggest cosmetics brand in the world and having access to a lot of free and discounted makeup, I still buy more. I always want to try new products, new colors and new looks - but what I've learned is that constantly switching up what products I use comes with a price and not a monetary one. 

At 26 years old I developed facial eczema, which means parts of my face - for me it's my eyelids and lip area - get incredibly scaly and dry. Makeup sometimes triggers the eczema, which is unfortunate. After some trail and error I realized that my eczema gets the worst when and after I wear makeup with a lot of red pigment in it - lipsticks, liners and eyeshadows. Those tones also happen to be favorite, so you know...I'm kind of devastated.

When you have combination skin that's very dry in the dry areas, eczema, and overall sensitive skin that often reacts negatively to changes (I'm a Taurus, and I guess my skin is too), skin care becomes SUPER important. I'm excited to share more skincare information on my blog, but delighted to start with introducing skin care brand, Sonäge Skincare!


A few months ago Sonäge Skincare reached out to me with an opportunity to try their products. Their based in Los Angeles, so I spoke to their esthetician over the phone about all of my skincare concerns - most of which I detailed to the left. She recommended products for dry, sensitive skin for me to try. After I got to use a range of their products and expressed my absolute love for them, Sonäge offered to create a kit of my favorites and do a giveaway for my followers! I'm really excited for this opportunity. Below is more information on Sonäge Skincare, reasons why I love them and my three essential products from Sonäge Skincare. Check my instagram today for a giveaway of these 3 products! 


Soothing Cleansing Creme

Because I have eczema and dry, sensitive skin - I need a cleanser that will give my pores a deep cleanse, but at the same time not dry out my skin. The soothing creme is that perfect cleanser. It's a gentle with a lot of power. The cleanser contains lang Ylang and Calendula extracts that have antiseptic properties, which help reduce oil production while softening the skin. After using it, your skin will feel clean, but soft and hydrated. This one is a must!

Pom Crush Detox Enzyme Mask

Pom Crush is a fan favorite Sonäge Skincare product, and it's one of mine too! This mask takes the place of an exfoliator so I use it 1-2 times per week. It contains six natural, potent enzymes that work  together to gently hold onto and remove dead skin cells, while helping to improve skin health. After using it, your skin looks absolutely radiant! 

Botanica Souffle Creme

This product is so perfectly name because  it feels exactly how it sounds. The Botanica Souffle Creme has become my skin's savior! It calms and soothes dry, itchy skin caused by eczema, rashes and skin irritations. It also obviously moisturizes. It's the perfect combination of amazing things my skin needs on a daily basis and leaves it looking glowy and fresh.