Blow Me A Kiss

There is a specific kind of power that can be found in a pair of lips. If their corners are turned upwards they can create a smile, often a symbol of happiness depending on the reason behind their movement and also frequently something that warms the hearts of those on it's receiving end. Sometimes, they part ways to blow out cigarette smoke - an action that is always glamorized in film and depicted as something dangerously sexy, at times mysterious. Even more compelling than a smile or a cigarette puff, is a kiss. Based upon situation and culture, a kiss can express feelings of friendship, greeting, love, passion, sexual activity, respect and at times much more. Acclaimed author and style innovator, Alice Harris, realized this and created "Blow Me A Kiss", her new book that draws in on our fascination with lips, their aura and power. In her new coffee table book, Harris curates a great collection of iconic images, paintings and more that offer a dazzling look into our allure with varied tones of crimson colored lips. She goes as far back as mid 20th century photographs of the iconic, Audrey Hepburn to even recent photography like Solange Knowles on the cover of Complex. Through her artistic choices, Harris proves that lips have long been symbolic of beauty, elegance, love, lust, happiness and more and further, that their appeal isn't fading away any time soon. You can see some of the amazing imagery in Harris' new book below. To see them all in their beautifully printed glory make sure you pick up a copy of "Blow Me A Kiss".