As New York Fashion comes close to an end, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what’s next for me. I am a writer, and I have been since I was sixteen years old. It’s been so much a part of my life that it has become my identity. Throughout my college career, my work has allowed me to write for a handful of publications, interview many inspiring individuals, and attend some wonderful events, it’s been great and I absolutely love it. Unfortunately in this day and age, writing doesn’t pay the bills. Now I’m not only a writer, but a writer with a college degree and loans to pay off. And like most people my age, the question of what to do after receiving my diploma in the mail is confusing. Do I attempt to make this whole blogger, freelance writer, copy editor, and occasional publicist thing a full-time career? Or do I join the ranks in that oh so appealing nine to five desk job, that although may often be redundant, can actually guarantee a roof over my head. It’s a tough call.

Luckily, my student loans don’t start to loom over my bank account until 2014, so I have some time to dabble in the more appealing option. From one freelance project to the next, I’ve been doing everything from playing Rain Room "Cop" at the Museum of Modern Art to writing for Milk Studio’s online publication for Fashion Week. I’ve had some interesting experiences this summer, and just when I thought those days were starting to reach their limit, another exciting opportunity presented itself through HY.GEN.IC’s Founder. Although a promising experience, the assignment he proposed to me was one that most could not fathom me doing. You see, I’m primarily a fashion writer. So both my upbringing as a Long Island princess and my expertise and passion for fashion did not lead me very far into the wilderness. I’ve always traveled to cities, and if not a city, then an area not far from one. Even in my college days abroad, an older boyfriend allowed me to bypass backpacking and hostel hopping in favour of luxury hotels and fancy dinners out.

So, this assignment is a special one and incredibly unique to me. Gerson Zevi, an internationally recognized online art collective, offered HY.GEN.IC a spot on an intelligently curated month long road trip. This project invites 30 creatives to travel throughout the American southwest, from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Dallas, Texas. We will be visiting some of the most important artistic and natural sites and collections that can be found in the United States today. Stops include Robert Smithson’s Spiral JettyMichael Heizer’s Double NegativeWalter de Maria’s The Lightning Field and museums such as the Nasher Sculpture Center, the Judd Foundation, and the Menil Collection. The participants, myself included, will also be camping in various locations along the way, including the Grand Canyon and the White Sands Desert. Yes, even the girl who writes about thousand dollar gowns walking down the runways of Lincoln Center can find a trip like this appealing. The kicker is- I’ve never gone camping before in my life.

And so, as I make the transition from a high heeled fashion journalist in New York to an experiential writer sleeping in the white sands of New Mexico, I invite you to join me in this incredible adventure. I will be keeping a daily blog that will detail my daily happenings and experiences through my words and photographs. My Instagram will also be regularly updated with every move I make on this road trip. Finally, along this epic journey I will be going back to the basics: keeping a hand written journal sponsored by our friends at legendary journal brand, Moleskine, taking Polaroid photographs that have been made possible by the Impossible Project, and protecting both my precious journals and the equipment enabling me to share my work with the internet with a very special bag provided to me by Chrome Industries. After the trip is over, HY.GEN.IC will share this journal and its Polaroids detailing everything on the trip- from the places I go to the people I meet and of course, my feelings throughout it all. My trip takes off from JFK this Friday the 13th and begins in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

In addition to our readership, a special thanks goes to Gerson ZeviMoleskineChrome Industries, and The Impossible Project who deserve credit for continuously reinforcing and supporting our growth. Stay tuned and welcome to Land Art. 


Gerson Zevi's Land Art road trip is a month long trip through the American Southwest aiming to inspire and engage a group of 30 artists, creatives, and collectors. Beginning in Salt Lake City on September 12th, and traveling through Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, the trip will visit some of the most important artistic and natural sites, collections, and experiences that can be found in America today. Stops include Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, Michael Heizer’s Double Negative, Walter de Maria’s The Lightning Field, and museums such as the Nasher Sculpture Center, the Judd Foundation, and the Menil Collection.


Participants will also be camping by the Grand Canyon and The White Sands Desert. The international group includes writers, photographers, painters, musicians, filmmakers, and a geologist. Matteo Zevi, co-founder of Gerson Zevi says, “Every year, small numbers of art lovers take road trips to discover one of America’s best kept secrets: the Land Art of the Southwest. Whether these journeys are accomplished by car or plane, nearly all the participants travel in small groups, and at a considerable cost.” Co-founder Alex Gerson adds, “As a result , these trips are small and unpublicized happenings, rarely shared or celebrated outside of the participating community. Our trip will be different in size, scope, and ambition.”

Alexander Gerson and Matteo Zevi, the founders of Gerson Zevi, met at Harvard, where they were involved with the undergraduate art scene and startup ventures. Zevi comes from a family of traditional European art dealers and collectors. Gerson managed undergraduate businesses as a student and minored in studio art, writing his senior thesis on film aesthetics.Their joint passion for art and business led them to a realization: young people just out of college and beyond want to buy art, but are too intimidated by traditional galleries or art fairs, and cannot find the right place to purchase high-quality and unique works online. In order to refine their concept, Gerson and Zevi have assembled an international team of young and dynamic curators, artists, and tastemakers. 

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Photography Credit: Dylan Ozanich via Finding Main Street

Dylan Ozanich, fine art photographer and business owner, was born in Grass Valley, California. Dylan’s uncommon renditions of city life and style along with his alluring view of different cultures provide us with a unique view into photography. As one half of the San Francisco-based art tandem Devoir Art Collective, Dylan Ozanich's work has been exhibited throughout San Francisco, as well as in New York City, and Las Vegas. He is currently residing in San Francisco, where he runs his business and furthers his photography career.

Originally published on Promote & Preserve.