Chic NYFW Closing Party

With the rise and growing popularity of blogging and celebrity, fashion week's exclusivity has recently been up for debate. Years ago the only people invited to attend fashion shows and their after parties were editors of major publications, buyers, designers and models. New York Fashion Week was reserved for the industry's professionals and occasionally the designer's muse- a well known, stylish celebrity. Other than that, access was limited to outsiders and for them, only available in the pages of a fashion glossy. With time and technology, we now see D list celebrities and self made fashion bloggers sitting in the front row. Designers have also moved on to bigger venues to maximize seating and also allow many to squeeze behind the back row, standing and thrusting their iPhones into the limited space available to snap a photo that says "I got in."

As a teenager who often buried her nose into the pages of Vogue, I'm happy that blogging has enabled me to have access to an event I wouldn't have been able to go otherwise. I like that fashion week's exclusivity has been more lenient in recent years and that the industry has become more understanding of the fact that fashion is for everyone. Unfortunately, there are still some limitations; specifically- the after parties. After the show designers invite everyone involved to have a drink, dance, and have a good time. These collections take nearly six months to produce, and these shows involve an immense amount of work. It's almost an honor to be able to celebrate the brand's accomplishment with them. However, those guest list's tend to me even tighter than the actual shows. 

My good friend, stylist, Jillian Amos, and I noticed this industry void. We thought that if fashion is for everyone, the parties should be too. Elaborating on this idea we also began to believe that fashion parties shouldn't just be limited to fashion week. We love the talented DJs, the stylish people, and all the fun that comes with those events so why not make them happen all year long? So, together we developed CHIC, a new exclusive series of events produced with tasteful curation of entertainment, talent and guests invited. Our mission is to bring together a group of like minded creatives who appreciate passion and excellence in all facets of life. Chic is a collective of influential individuals who represent fashion, art, and music in style and good taste.

To launch CHIC, Jillian and I put together a special event celebrating the last day of New York Fashion Week. We held it at Chicane, a new french restaurant in SoHo, that like our new business is incredibly chic and stylish. Amazing music was provided by DJs Sophia Chumburidze and Misha, who had everyone smiling and dancing all night long. Most importantly, we were grateful to work with some amazing sponsors. Partida Tequila, Lotus Vodka, Fat Trout Whiskey and Passion XO Liqueur generously provided our event with some delicious drinks for a successful happy hour. Despite being held during the worst snow storm of the season, the event was an incredibly good time for everyone invited. We're thankful for everyone who joined us at our launch! Jillian and I are excited to continue throwing these events. Stay tuned, more information will be announced on A Hit of Sarah as it comes!

Photos by: Hanna Walkowaik and Kohl Murdock
Special thanks to Andrew Day and his team for partying with us!