A. Carnavale Jewelry

A. Carnavale 'Oh So Pretty' neck cuff and 'Oh So Pretty' hoops paired with vintage sunglasses.

Sometimes a look is all about the accessories, especially if you, like me, dress almost exclusively in black clothing, So when jewelry designer, Abby Carnavale, reached out to me about her upcoming West Side Story inspired collection, I couldn't be more ecstatic. Getting jewelry sent to you is already exciting as is, but when it was created with your favorite musical in mind, could it get any better? 

In High School I got to perform in the musical as a Shark girl. In the musical, the Sharks were a gang from the Puerto Rican community in New York that got to hold down the female lead of the show, Maria. We all danced on stage in big dresses, I got to rock my natural curls, and we wore red lipstick and big hoops. If only we had Abby Carnavale's jewelry! Inspired by the musical, her upcoming jewelry collection is split into colors based on the two gangs featured in West Side Story. Jewelry that represents the Sharks incorporates red, pink, purple and black beads. The Jets inspired jewelry comes in complimentary colors to the Sharks in blue, yellow, green and white. The design of the pieces is inspired by circles and parallels; circles that represent harmonious relationships and parallel lines that represent the divide - themes that are prominent in West Side Story. 

To fit the theme of Carnavale's collection, I paired her 'Oh So Pretty kneck cuff' and 'Oh So Pretty hoops" (once a Shark, always a Shark) with warm, red lips using MAC Cosmetics lipstick in 'Fresh Morrocan' and MAC Cosmetics lip pencil in 'Auburn'. I wore my hair in a messy bun like I'd imagine a Shark girl would if she was trying to show off her gorgeous jewelry. I also opted for a plunging kneckline with the Free People Sarah Midi Dress (named after me, how could I not buy it?) to cast an even brighter light on the kneck cuff.

Abby Carnavale's West Side Story inspired collection will be available in the coming months. Make sure you follow me on Twitter and Instagram for updates when it's live! Until then, you can purchase Abby Carnavale jewelry on Etsy. Check out Abby Carnavale's website for more information on the designer and her jewelry! 

The Little Pink Rain Coat

Though I've been a fashion blogger for quite sometime (7 years to be exact), there was a certain attribute held by the girls who were doing it well that I didn't quite have myself. Posing for pictures sounds like a simple task and for most people it is. However, once you get older a permanent document of what you happened to look like at the very moment an image was taken is not always something you really want to see...or others to either.  That has been especially true for me over the past year. It's the primary reason there had been only an image or two of me across any of my social channels. I didn't think the world needed to see what I looked like in order to understand me. I chose instead to present the Internet with words that expressed how I felt and scenery that inspired me.

It took some time for me to be comfortable in my own skin, with my curly hair, my Jewish nose and thick figure. I'm suddenly okay with taking pictures to a point where I get made fun of a lot by people who know me for pulling a Kim Kardashian and taking selfies in the most random settings. I realized recently that I actually am not depicting my true self online if I don't show people what I look like. It's not an act of narcissism, it's showing you what I care about. I've loved fashion since I even knew what it was. I can only show people that through wearing the clothes that I feel good in. More recently, I have fallen in love with makeup. It's one of the things that makes me feel the most beautiful and confident. I can't show you how happy wearing a new color lipstick, perfecting the art of contour, or finally nailing a cat eye makes me feel without showing you my face when it's all made up.

So here's to taking photos of yourself and not being ashamed of it. 

Summer Favorites // Le Club & Hayden Reis

With the end of Labor Day, Summer vacation may technically be over. Though, regardless of the date, temperatures in New York don't seem to be dying down anytime soon. On the 2nd of September, it's a whopping and uncomfortably humid 91 degrees. Our subway stations still feel like saunas, the beach is still a perfectly acceptable place to lay out , and restaurants are definitely not removing outdoor seating just yet. This is good news for those who can ignore the scare of global warming in favor of a positive mindset and the ability to continue wearing warm weather clothes. Conversely, even if you actually want to start preparing for Autumn's impending chill, there's still a way to hold on to your summer favorites in the cooler weather. Two of my favorite brands this Summer will do just that.

Earlier this summer my friend, Corbin and I discovered a whimsical, colorful and lively Miami based swimsuit line, Le Club Original Swimwear. We found ourselves constantly scrolling through their website in amazement. We loved the vibrant colored and unique looking patterns found on their swim trunks and once he got finally got a few pairs of them, he couldn't take them off. Even though Corbin wasn't living at the beach, he still found a way to pair his Le Club Original shorts with every outfit - from a t-shirt to a warmer pullover, he got compliments on every different way he styled them. Most weren't even aware that they were swim trunks until he took his shirt off and got into the water. Le Club is a great brand, and though their best poolside or by the beach, their stylish enough to pull off day to day away as you can see Corbin happily modeling them throughout Williamsburg.

Likewise, my Hayden Reis lobster tote was my go to accessory this summer. It was perfect for the beach, but I often found myself using it for other things. A few times I packed my laptop and lunch in it and brought to work, while on other days I filled it with sneakers and bicycle shorts prepared for a day at the gym. It's incredibly versatile and stylish, but the most brilliant aspect of Hayden Reis totes are surprisingly not their adorable designs. The line is made from the highest quality Dacron sailcloth in the country, which means they are virtually indestructible, incredibly lightweight and resistant to both water and sand. Nothing is getting in there unless you're putting it in there. I absolutely love my lobster print tote, but Hayden Reis also offers the bag in a variety of colors and prints. It's a great investment both for the summer or all year round! I highly recommend it.

Le Club Original Swimwear's Inca & Tribu shorts modeled by Corbin Cones on location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Chic NYFW Closing Party

With the rise and growing popularity of blogging and celebrity, fashion week's exclusivity has recently been up for debate. Years ago the only people invited to attend fashion shows and their after parties were editors of major publications, buyers, designers and models. New York Fashion Week was reserved for the industry's professionals and occasionally the designer's muse- a well known, stylish celebrity. Other than that, access was limited to outsiders and for them, only available in the pages of a fashion glossy. With time and technology, we now see D list celebrities and self made fashion bloggers sitting in the front row. Designers have also moved on to bigger venues to maximize seating and also allow many to squeeze behind the back row, standing and thrusting their iPhones into the limited space available to snap a photo that says "I got in."

As a teenager who often buried her nose into the pages of Vogue, I'm happy that blogging has enabled me to have access to an event I wouldn't have been able to go otherwise. I like that fashion week's exclusivity has been more lenient in recent years and that the industry has become more understanding of the fact that fashion is for everyone. Unfortunately, there are still some limitations; specifically- the after parties. After the show designers invite everyone involved to have a drink, dance, and have a good time. These collections take nearly six months to produce, and these shows involve an immense amount of work. It's almost an honor to be able to celebrate the brand's accomplishment with them. However, those guest list's tend to me even tighter than the actual shows. 

My good friend, stylist, Jillian Amos, and I noticed this industry void. We thought that if fashion is for everyone, the parties should be too. Elaborating on this idea we also began to believe that fashion parties shouldn't just be limited to fashion week. We love the talented DJs, the stylish people, and all the fun that comes with those events so why not make them happen all year long? So, together we developed CHIC, a new exclusive series of events produced with tasteful curation of entertainment, talent and guests invited. Our mission is to bring together a group of like minded creatives who appreciate passion and excellence in all facets of life. Chic is a collective of influential individuals who represent fashion, art, and music in style and good taste.

To launch CHIC, Jillian and I put together a special event celebrating the last day of New York Fashion Week. We held it at Chicane, a new french restaurant in SoHo, that like our new business is incredibly chic and stylish. Amazing music was provided by DJs Sophia Chumburidze and Misha, who had everyone smiling and dancing all night long. Most importantly, we were grateful to work with some amazing sponsors. Partida Tequila, Lotus Vodka, Fat Trout Whiskey and Passion XO Liqueur generously provided our event with some delicious drinks for a successful happy hour. Despite being held during the worst snow storm of the season, the event was an incredibly good time for everyone invited. We're thankful for everyone who joined us at our launch! Jillian and I are excited to continue throwing these events. Stay tuned, more information will be announced on A Hit of Sarah as it comes!

Photos by: Hanna Walkowaik and Kohl Murdock
Special thanks to Andrew Day and his team for partying with us! 

Love High

It is with great pleasure that I share with you all A Hit of Sarah's second exclusive editorial! This one was done with a much smaller team: Photography by Brian McGuffog and Stan Evans of Annie Leibovitz Studios, Modeled by real life couple, Megan Parkhurst and Cameron Bailey of Click Models, Make-up by Te$$ Money, and styling by yours truly. We shot this beautiful couple on location in Manhattan's Washington Heights neighborhood and the results were amazing. I had a great time and absolutely loved working with both Brian and Tess again! What do you think of A Hit of Sarah's latest shoot?

Look Information:
Look 1- On Cameron: Smile now Cry Later pullover, Avelon denim, shoes by Swear. On Megan: Avelon top & denim, Deena and Ozzy heels 
Look 2- On Cameron: Avelon pullover & denim, shoes by Swear. On Megan: Kai-aakmann dress, Deena and Ozzy heels 
Look 3- On Cameron: Smile now Cry later pullover, Avelon denim, shoes by Swear. On Megan: Sretsis dress, Deena and Ozzy heels 
Look 4- On Cameron: Avelon t-shirt & denim, shoes by Swear. On Megan: Sretsis top, Avelon denim, Deena and Ozzy heels