Summer Favorites // Le Club & Hayden Reis

With the end of Labor Day, Summer vacation may technically be over. Though, regardless of the date, temperatures in New York don't seem to be dying down anytime soon. On the 2nd of September, it's a whopping and uncomfortably humid 91 degrees. Our subway stations still feel like saunas, the beach is still a perfectly acceptable place to lay out , and restaurants are definitely not removing outdoor seating just yet. This is good news for those who can ignore the scare of global warming in favor of a positive mindset and the ability to continue wearing warm weather clothes. Conversely, even if you actually want to start preparing for Autumn's impending chill, there's still a way to hold on to your summer favorites in the cooler weather. Two of my favorite brands this Summer will do just that.

Earlier this summer my friend, Corbin and I discovered a whimsical, colorful and lively Miami based swimsuit line, Le Club Original Swimwear. We found ourselves constantly scrolling through their website in amazement. We loved the vibrant colored and unique looking patterns found on their swim trunks and once he got finally got a few pairs of them, he couldn't take them off. Even though Corbin wasn't living at the beach, he still found a way to pair his Le Club Original shorts with every outfit - from a t-shirt to a warmer pullover, he got compliments on every different way he styled them. Most weren't even aware that they were swim trunks until he took his shirt off and got into the water. Le Club is a great brand, and though their best poolside or by the beach, their stylish enough to pull off day to day away as you can see Corbin happily modeling them throughout Williamsburg.

Likewise, my Hayden Reis lobster tote was my go to accessory this summer. It was perfect for the beach, but I often found myself using it for other things. A few times I packed my laptop and lunch in it and brought to work, while on other days I filled it with sneakers and bicycle shorts prepared for a day at the gym. It's incredibly versatile and stylish, but the most brilliant aspect of Hayden Reis totes are surprisingly not their adorable designs. The line is made from the highest quality Dacron sailcloth in the country, which means they are virtually indestructible, incredibly lightweight and resistant to both water and sand. Nothing is getting in there unless you're putting it in there. I absolutely love my lobster print tote, but Hayden Reis also offers the bag in a variety of colors and prints. It's a great investment both for the summer or all year round! I highly recommend it.

Le Club Original Swimwear's Inca & Tribu shorts modeled by Corbin Cones on location in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.