Who is Sarah Mendelsohn? 

Sarah Mendelsohn, a native New Yorker, is a social media producer, journalist, and photographer. She began her career in the fashion and art industries at a young age, creating her blog, A Hit of Sarah, when she was only 16 years old. Since then it has helped her gain global recognition as a writer, taste maker, and photographer as well as work closely with many established artists and brands.

In addition to her experiences as a writer and photographer, Sarah has also established herself as a successful social media strategist and creative. Her professional experience includes working both in-house at iconic American brands like the Gap and Maybelline New York and at established digital agencies where she has worked on a variety of clients including Shiseido, Volvo, Keurig, BooHoo.com and more. She is a creative and enthusiastic social media professional with a proven ability to develop content that attracts attention, a strategic thinker with extensive client-facing experience, and an aptitude for tailoring a campaign to deliver high results to clients.

Sarah is currently a social media manager at Maybelline New York.

additional Experience 

Freelance Journalist

My blog has enabled me to display my writing capabilities and as a result brokered new relationships with many different publications. For these outlet I have had the opportunity to act as an editor, writer, photographer, and stylist. Some of the media outlets I've worked with include: 

Lucky Magazine (USA) • Fashion Indie (USA) • Details Magazine (USA) • Billboard (USA)

Milk Made (USA) • US Weekly (USA)  Metal Magazine (Spain)

Select Press