The Sweetest Smelling Beauty Subscription

Have you ever found yourself rushing from the office to a date, quickly smacking your lips together with a new layer of lipstick and throwing on a pair of sexy heels only to find yourself questioning if you smell as good as you look? You, of course, already know he's going to want a kiss at the end of the night. If it goes well, you want to leave behind a scent he'll remember. The struggle for most of us New York women is that long work days don't generally result in smelling like a bouquet of roses (unless you happen to be a florist, which is awesome!) and perfume bottles are too large to casually carry around in your purse. This is where Scentbird comes in, the new subscription service for ladies who like to smell good and switch it up when they can. 

Scentbird is a new subscription service that sends a new designer fragrance to your door step for  $14.95 every month. It's just like dating - you try a scent out you think you'd like for a month before you commit to buying a full sized version of it. The scents you receive are based off of an easy and fun test you take when you first sign up. The quiz attributes a scent personality to you based on other fragrances you already enjoy and everyday scents not specific to perfume. You also have the option to pick your own fragrance if you're already interested in a scent, but haven't decided wether it's worth its designer price tag. The best part of the service is that it delivers quickly and in the perfect packaging. The bottle can easily fit in any purse, but isn't a small sample size that you use once and lose afterwards. It's a fun way to try out new scents, while also having a scent that travels easily for when you need it.

If you're interested in trying out Scentbird yourself or learning more about the new subscription service for fragrance aficionados you can learn more on their website.