Sarah Mendelsohn (a.k.a @ahitofsarah) is a New York based writer, artist and creative with a passion for art, beauty, and travel. Sarah received her B.A. from Pace University in Communications and Fine Art. Eager to join the conversation in the fashion industry at a young age, Sarah started her blog in 2007 as a way to express her point of view on the work of contemporary designers. 

After graduating college, Sarah explored creative writing. She attended Gerson Zevi's traveling artist residency throughout the American Southwest as a writer, but her polaroid photography from the experience resulted in a sponsorship from Polaroid Originals (formerly known as Impossible Project) and place in the group exhibition, 'Time to Hit the Road' presented at Leila Heller Gallery. Her polaroid photography has since been featured in publications such as Nylon Magazine and travel magazine, Tiny Atlas Quarterly.

Since the start of her blog, Sarah has been able to develop herself as a content creator with roles at Dolce & Gabbana, Harper's Bazaar, Gap, L'Oreal and more. In addition to her full-time positions, Sarah has also written for numerous publications including Billboard, Metal Magazine, Milk Studios, and various Conde Nast platforms. Sarah Mendelsohn is currently the Social Media Manager at Maybelline New York. You can follow her at @ahitofsarah on Instagram and Twitter.