Dress Up & Drinks - This Weekend in NYC!

If you've been reading my blog for the past few years then you're probably familiar with the lovely lady pictured to the far left, my dear friend, Rachel Gottlieb. Although I've mentioned it in posts past, Rachel has changed her life immensely by traveling throughout North America over the past year. She has met incredible people, had numerous amazing adventures and has seen parts of the country that many never get a real chance too.

Rachel is also someone that I've always admired for her style. She has the ability to find, create, transform and style herself in a variety of beautiful ways. No matter where I've been with her, compliments are sure to follow. So I can undoubtedly say that this girl has impeccable taste and a unique one at that. 

Now, in efforts to continue her travels, Rachel has founded a new collection entitled Present. As she describes it Present. is a fashion designer's collection of handpicked clothing and accessories for men and women from around the world chosen for their unique qualities. By selling her carefully curated collection of clothing, Rachel is enabling fashionistas everywhere to enjoy her travels with her. It's like receiving a gift from a friend's travels without actually being there with them.

Trust me, even if you're not already a friend of Rachel's, buying one of her pieces and speaking to her will make you want to be and I'm positive she would immediately feel the same. Rachel is a warm hearted girl with a free spirit, buying a piece of her clothing would do wonders for your wardrobe while also enable her allow her the finances to continue her travels and share what she loves to do with everyone. It's a win-win situation here.

This weekend Present. will be having two separate events in Brooklyn where you will be able to buy one of Rachel's amazing and super affordable pieces. The first is this Saturday, a house party edition that will also have drinks, sweets and other fun treats in a lovely apartment in Bushwick. The second, in a beautiful outdoor garden at my favorite hair salon, Fabio Scalia, which will also have drinks and desserts. Knowing Rachel, both guarantee a great time and access to one of my favorite closets in New York state. 

Again with facebook links:

A clothing and fabric sale of handpicked women's and men's clothing, accessories, and fabric. Cash only, there is a 99 cent ATM machine around the corner. Drinks, cookies, and fun will be served.

Saturday October 5th from 11am - 7pm
319 Ellery Street, Apartment 1R 
Brooklyn, New York 
closest to the J, M and L trains

Dress Up & Drinks - Garden Party Edition:
A clothing and fabric sale of handpicked women's and men's clothing, accessories, and fabric. Cash only, located at the fabulous Fabio Scalia Salon garden. Drinks, cookies, and fun will be served.

Sunday October 6th from noon - 7pm.
115 Montague Street
Brooklyn, New York
closest to the R, 2, and 3 trains

See some of the clothing for sale on Present.'s website and facebook. Hope to see you there!

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