Sporty Spice

Sportswear has quickly become wildly popular as a form of street wear. It might be due in part to 90's styled clothing coming back in contemporary wear, but I've definitely noticed a trend in women in New York who have recently been casually wearing sports bra like crop tops. Looking to fashion magazines, I saw the influence there as well. Sporty like editorials are popping up everywhere! It's interesting to see how different stylists and publications work the trend into their spreads. I especially enjoy this one photographed by Marquis Montes. I love the pink 90's reminiscent buns and the American flag bikinis. They very much resemble looks I've seen around the city this summer. After appreciating it, I found myself starting to buy sportswear. Maybe that's the point of all the fitness inspired looks this season- to get Americans to start working out. Well, it worked. I just purchased some pieces from Babolat at Zalando and will definitely be wearing them out soon. 

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