The Looms In Our Bones

There is a special sort of magic that is created when fashion and art collide. Whether it's a clothing collection inspired by an artistic movement or an illustration influenced by a high fashion look, the results are always incredibly unique. That notion holds truth in the works of artist, Izziyana Suhaimi. Her distinct artistic take on popular culture involves a beautiful marriage between colorful embroidery and detailed illustration. That interesting collaboration can be seen in carefully embroidered accents, clearly drawn figures, and familiar subject matters that many can appreciate; and they do. Suhaimi's pleasantly original art work has garnered her the attention of galleries and publications across Asia in addition to an immense amount of love within the tumblr community.  I was so happy to stumble across it and I hope that I can eventually see some of her work live, here in New York. View more of Suhaimi's work and learn more about the artist on her Tumblr.

Photography by Ken Cheong

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  1. These are beautiful pieces, thank you for sharing them! I create some artwork in needlepoint and love embroidery, but it is always so time intensive. I never thought of combining illustration with the needlework and Izziyana Suhaimi renders this beautifully.