Peter Pilotto FW2013

Peter Pilotto’s Fall 2013 collection is surprisingly pragmatic. The collection opens with a series of dresses and coats that could actually be worn together; the coats boxy tailoring and strong, wide shoulders allow for the strong shoulders of the otherwise softer dresses to fit beneath. That being said, it would be otherwise difficult to pair two Pilotto pieces, given the prints that dominate many of the dresses. Each print, unique in direction, color, content, assumes a role in moving the eye along the garment, the body, emphasizing the shapes that masturful tailoring and construction have achieved. Coat and skirt lengths seemed to be following the Fall 2013 trend of at and below the knee. The few pairs of pants in the collection were actually well executed, and stood out in the sea of skirts and dresses. The pragmatism of this collection comes back in the end, as the wearer of any Pilotto piece would need no jewelry, no special shoe, to present a Pilotto piece well. The only item that the wearer would need, in spades, to pull of Pilotto’s strong shapes and prints, is confidence. 

Review by: Jessica Nickel for A Hit of Sarah
Photos via: Models.com, Style.com 


  1. i like the colours.. :)
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  2. Love those picture on top. The coat and cara. thats more perfection than i can handle!

  3. This is tailored masterly <3 And the colours are awesome!

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  4. great post honey, nice all these looks :P


  5. I love that dress/coat at the bottom, especially its fur collar. Thanks for posting the photos and feel free to drop by me too when you have time.

  6. The geometric patterns and the huge prints make this collection so perfect!