Laure de Sagazan

I was never the girl who began dreaming about her wedding day at a young age. Marriage was never something that appealed to me and that still holds true today. However, I must admit, that I can't help but melt when I see beautiful Elie Saab and Valentino couture gowns gracefully glide down the runways in Paris. I know that if I do ever wed, aside from the evident pursuit of happiness, it will be to wear a gown that will make me feel like a princess, the most beautiful girl in the world. Parisian designer, Laure de Sagazan, can be added to the list of beautiful gown designers. Her pieces seem to have been inspired by vintage pieces and have an elegance and innocence to them that will make any bride feel special on her big day. The look book expresses the collection's lovely vibes perfectly. See the full collection here.


  1. Fantastici abiti e meravigliose foto...

  2. wow! fantastic! I adore all of them. sorry, I'm married ;P

    Greetings from Berlin