Dress Smart like a Brooklyn Bloke, Introducing Impeccable Attire

2012 definitely belonged to Brooklyn. When Hurricane Sandy hit, our neighbors in Manhattan struggled as Brooklyn endured the storm and strongly prevailed. The mighty borough was also gifted a basketball team from New Jersey to represent the city in a brand new stadium imagined by living Hip-Hop legend, Jay-Z. Eight historical performances by the Rapper also ensued in the highly celebrated opening of the new Barclays Center arena. Brooklyn definitely stole the headlines, attention and overall spotlight this past year and as Manhattan's rent continues to escalate, more of the young and fresh New York talents look to Brooklyn to exhibit their  brilliance, creativity, and originality. The brains behind Impeccable Attire was one of them.

Impeccable Attire's founder, Wayne Fortune, is just as much a mix of two different types of culture as his clothing line is. A British transplant that fell in love with Brooklyn's character, Fortune became known as the "Brooklyn Bloke," a term that Impeccable Attire has become noted for. Designed by Andrea Jenkins, the Impeccable Attire brand is made up of pieces with both Brooklyn's dynamic cool and London's classic refinement. Resilient button downs, dandy cardigans, and distinctive baseball caps, are favorites amongst IA customers.

When the time came for Impeccable Attire to chose a location for their first clothing boutique they initially searched throughout Manhattan. After heavily considering Manhattan's Nolita neighborhood, one comprised of numerous little boutiques, the IA team ultimately decided to call Brooklyn their home. In a nice space on 5th avenue in Park Slope, Impeccable Attire stands alone as cool street wear boutique, but at the same time united as an important component of the neighborhood's appeal. Across the street at Caramello, one can enjoy a Brooklyn Bloke flavored gelato, which, let me tell you, I definitely did. Like the gelateria, the rest of the community also welcomed Impeccable Attire with open arms and so did the neighborhood's clientele. 

To Fortune, the spot was an obvious choice. Before opening up shop, Fortune would sell Impeccable Attire merchandise on a table set up right infront of the current storefront. When the space became available, it seemed like an obvious sign for the brand. After all, as Brooklyn Blokes and strong campaigners of the borough, the team all agreed they wanted to support Park Slope, a charming and progressive area in Brooklyn. The neighborhood is right by the aforementioned Barclay's Stadium and like Jay-Z, Impeccable Attire is assisting in making Brooklyn reign supreme.

There's a lot to look forward to for Impeccable Attire in 2013. In addition to their Brooklyn boutique, they'll be opening up an online shop this year. For more information, check out their website and stop by their store at 172 5th avenue in Park Slope!


  1. Brooklyn is definitely on top of my 'to visit' list when I eventually make it across the pond to New York (hopefully in 2013) it seems such a vibrant and creative place.

    This brand looks like something Mr Bertie might like, I love that it was a Brit falling in love with Brooklyn who created it!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am now following you :)

    Janine xx

  2. Cool.. i hope one day i can go 2!