So Much Love, Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana is everywhere. Everywhere! and I love it so much. Like other editorials featuring the collection this season, 10 Magazine chose to feature it in their fall issue. This editorial stands out from the others, shot by Andreass Larson, the editorial has painted flowers thrown into the photographs that give it an added beauty. And the creepy stare of model, Ylonka Verheul, also adds in some weirdness. Her uncomfortable stare, the beautiful pink flowers and the amazingness of the clothing make for an overall great editorial.

Rebel Without A Cause

  1. Rita Leather Aviator Jacket by Acne
  2. Woven-cotton dress by Theyskens' Theory
  3. Dégradé shearling gilet by Matthew Williamson
  4. (The infamous) Aligator Backpack by The Row
  5. Black leather youth biker boots by Jimmy Choo
  6. Round sunglasses by The Row
  7. Obsidian arrowhead adjustable ring by Charles Albert
  8. Cutout leather miniskirt by Ksubi


It was Acceptable in the 70's

The 1970's x Nicki Minaj Hair x Tokyo Street Fashion = This editorial to me
...and I love it. So fun, so creative, so unique, makes me want to go out, dye my hair and over accessorize. I think Luma Grothe was the perfect model for this editorial shot by John de Lima for i-D online. She's just as fun as the photographs are. Also, that Stella McCartney gold jacket is EVERYWHERE, actually Stella McCartney in general is everywhere...and I'm not complaining. Love it. Amazing editorial.

Halloween 2012

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. It's the only day you're allowed to be someone else, someone you're not. Unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure I'll be able to celebrate it this year, but if I do, I have no problem coming up with something quick. Time is running out. Do you need an idea for a Halloween costume? If so, I got you girl.

  • Blair Waldorf: My favorite television character of all time. I've actually dressed up as her for Halloween years ago and it's very easy, you could probably do it with the contents of your closet. A headband, blazer and colored tights are a necessity. You could wear a pencil skirt or a school girl looking skirt. I'm thinking Blair's days at Constance.
  • Jackie O: Our most fashionable first lady since Michelle Obama. Her look is iconic from her hair style, hats and dress suits. As long as you got all those down, you're good and classy.
  • Holly Golightly: Of course, lots of girls dress like Holly Golightly for Halloween, but I wasn't going to leave that option out because it's a damn good one. You need an up do, a tiara, a cigarette holder is a nice touch and a little black dress. Not so hard to do, but master it and you'll stun.

  • Natalie Portman in Black Swan: This one's a little difficult, but you can get a black tutu, tank and white tights all at American Apparel. The most important part of this costume though, is the face makeup. It looks hard, but there are lots of tutorials on youtube. I really like this one, it's funny and a little over dramatic, but still gets the makeup done perfectly. Click here.
  • Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman: Yes, I'm obsessed with this movie. If you're planning on being a hoe on Halloween anyway, why not pick a classic one, Viv of Pretty Woman. The dress might be hard to find but easy to improvise, big curly hair is necessary too.
  • Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft: This ones super easy and super hot. Black t-shirt, cargo shorts, french braid, and something like a garter with a fake gun in it to make it look really like her. It's a bad-ass costume.

  • Alicia Silverstone in Clueless: This ones a bit tricky, but if you can find an outfit like that you'd be a fool not to wear it on Halloween. There probably won't be any girls being Cher from Clueless, so why not be original.
  • Lady Gaga as a man: No girl has the balls to be the male Lady Gaga for Halloween. I know we all want to look cute and sexy, but if you don't care, I think being Lady Gaga's male alternate personality would be awesome.
  • Rihanna in S & M: If you get the big curly red hair people should most definitely know who you are, unless they might confuse you for Bobo the clown, but if you dress crazy sexy enough they'll know who you are. Na na na c'mon c'mon c'mon I like it like it....

Now if I do end up dressing up for Halloween, I will probably be dressed up as Beyonce in Single Ladies. Super easy costume. All you need is a black leotard, nude tights, high heels, big earrings and her hairstyle. It's easy and still fun. I hope everyone enjoys their Halloween. Get crazy!

Rook & Raven Gallery Opening, London

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the opening of Rook & Raven, a new alternative contemporary art gallery in SoHo, the heart of London's creative hub. I walked into a beautiful gallery filled with some of London's most artistic (and well dressed, might I add) young crowd. Waiters walked through the crowd serving fresh sushi on paint palettes, a bar in the back offered beer and champaign, and the crowd admired the art under the unique lighting it was displayed in. The gallery's opening exhibition, "You Rest, You Rust" displayed  pieces from four artists: DAIN, Dale Marshall, Daniel Lumbini, and Penny. My favorites were New York based, DAIN, and neurosurgeon turned artist, Penny. DAIN's artwork reminded me of the works of pop-art icon, Andy Warhol. Bright colors, and some pop culture elements. You could spot some familiar faces in DAIN's collages. Angelina Jolie and Britney Spears' faces both appeared in the works he displayed at the Rook & Raven gallery. It was young and fun and definitely something I would love to see hanging in my apartment. I also really enjoyed Penny's artwork. Penny had different images on top of dollar bill backgrounds. My favorite piece that he featured was 'Cloud One', a classic image of an angel kissing another angel with a dollar bill plastered background. In a time when everyone's mind is on money, it makes perfect sense in a contemporary art gallery. 

Today the gallery opened to the public. If you live in London, I strongly suggest you take a look inside Rook & Raven.


Model Movement

To me this editorial looks like models on LCD in the 1960s. I like it. Models never move like this so it's a cool, original concept.
Alessio Bolzini did an amazing job shooting these weirdly moving models for Grey Magazine's Fall/Winter issue. 


Double Whammy

After both walking in Brazilian label, Auslander's, spring show back in June, the most um...intriguing
 models in the industry, the ambiguous and A Hit of Sarah favorite, Andrej Pejic, and creepy looking 
Zombie Boy, are both featured in Auslander's spring campaign. It's spring time in Brazil, lucky them. 
Well, this has to be the most brilliant and weirdest idea I've ever heard of for a campaign, the brand 
definitely got attention they may have not had before from the rest of the world. Aesthetically, I think 
they both look good in the brand's clothing. I'd say it's a successful ad campaign. I actually quite like it.

 source: fashionista