One of the many things that New York is known for is it’s amazing shopping. Whether it’s bargain hunting in the Financial District, thrift shopping in Williamsburg, or the tourist’s favorite hot spot Soho, there is no doubt that you can and will find exactly what you’re looking for. But then there’s also those one of a kind finds; those rare pieces that you will only find in New York. One of those finds is Julie Robinson the Brooklyn based accessory designer. Originally from Detroit, Robinson moved to New York to attend Parsons The New School for Design and pursue a career in fashion. Her accessories are one of a kind, knotted accessories from vintage kimono fabric. Her line, Coumon (pronounced common) centers mainly around necklaces and headbands. All her fabrics are sourced from salvageable pieces of damaged kimonos that are no longer wearable.Due to the limitations of sourcing vintage fabric, each edition is often limited to two pieces. Each piece is hand sews and tied. The result is a unique piece of wearable art that puts a modern spin on the beauty of eastern textile techniques and traditional decorative knot tying. These are original pieces that you are sure to love. You can purchase them online at coumon.etsy.com or at these locations:
Old Hollywood (99 Franklin Street in Greenpoint//Limelight Marketplace)
City Bird (460 W. Canfield in Detroit)
Shine (621 South Washington Ave. in Ferndale)